An Atheists Open Letter to God’s Followers

Below are five points that I have always wanted to say to religious folk, but never find an appropriate time to do so.

First: Your religion is not unique. Any belief system that gains universal acceptance would bring about world peace. It’s people like you vying for the chance to be that one, great religion that are causing the problems.

Second: Please stop saying that you have a monopoly on love. You don’t. The caring and compassion of atheists, agnostics, and others may not be done in the name of your prophet, but it is equally valid and important in this world.

Third: Military success is no indication of God’s favor. I know this because every religion that exists today has had their asses handed to them at one point or another, in fairly equal proportions.

Fourth: People who disagree with you are not inherently evil. They just don’t believe you. But they feed their kids, go to work, and live their lives as honestly and decently as any Muslim, Christian or Jew. They just do so without the need for prayers or rituals.

Fifth: We’re all in this together. Believing in a god doesn’t make you ‘an enemy of atheism’. It makes you another person on harsh planet, trying to make ends meet. All atheism asks of you is that, instead of always picking up your Bible or Qur’an, you’d reach for a hammer or a shovel once in a while; Something you can use to help improve this world instead of tearing us apart with rhetoric. To the atheist, no person is inherently ‘unclean’ or ‘unworthy’. We’re all just people, each trying to do the best we can, and hopefully making the world a bit better by the time we leave it. That doesn’t take a God. You just have to be able care about and work with the people around you… no matter what god they believe in.

Written by Wm. Hopper, author of
“The Heathen’s Guide to World Religions”


Not for Sheep

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6 Responses to “An Atheists Open Letter to God’s Followers”
  1. Anita says:

    Re: “instead of always picking up your Bible or Qur’an, you’d reach for a hammer or a shovel once in a while; Something you can use to help improve this world…”

    Funny thing about this assumption. I had always wondered why atheists don’t stop preaching atheism, and do something useful. So, you’ve changed my mind on that. I’ll stop making that assumption and hope you do the same.

    All caring and compassion that’s rooted in truth raises the roof in the angels’ choir loft in heaven. Every good deed you do has ramifications that go on for miles.

  2. admin says:

    A brief list of atheist charities:
    Atheism will go no where if we don’t take ‘good” back from the pious, and make kindness a human trait again instead of a “Christian response”.

  3. Anita says:

    Atheism will go no where anyhow.

  4. admin says:

    Only if education and rational thought disappear. Otherwise people will figure it out on their own, and the god-myths will disappear.

  5. Anita says:

    Here’s one for you. Jesus took yogi training and didn’t actually die on a cross. Doesn’t sound rational to me. But people are following their guru Will Hopper, and this is his take.

    How likely is it that Jesus took that training? Next, would he actually survive being on a cross with nails going through his wrists and feet? Next, he told everybody he was going to die, and assigned a new son to look after his mother. What was his intention in disappearing after his yogi survival?

    If you can’t believe in a natural death, death on a cross, how can you believe in a supernatural Resurrection?

  6. admin says:

    Actually, it would have been Essenes who taught him ‘yogic’ breathing techniques at the time/place. Is it likely? I think so. It would explain his missing years, as Essenes were monks in Qumran until their 30′s, when the smartest and best were sent out of Qumran to teach and recruit. Entirely possible.

    Could he actually have survive Crucifixion? Of course he could, people have recreated the Crucifixion many times and lived. It’s done annually in Mexico. Remember, in the Bible story Jesus didn’t die from being nailed to a chunk of wood and strung up for a few hours (from mid-afternoon to sunset on the sabbath). Crucifixion was considered a horrid death because it takes days for you to die, usually of exposure.

    Jesus’ case was not a normal, horrific crucifixion because he was hung up on Passover weekend, and the death had to be finished by sunset.

    That’s why they broke the legs of the guys on either side of him… to hurry the death process so no one was being executed on the holiest day of the year. Jesus, however, was supposedly out of it when the guard went to him. So, instead of breaking his legs like they did to the other two guys, he poked him with a spear: the only potentially terminal wound Jesus suffered in the account.

    And, you asked, ‘What were Jesus’ intentions after surviving a death sentence’? To get the hell out of Dodge, if you ask me. The Sanhedrin wanted him dead, and they’d shown that they were fully prepared to do anything they could to get rid of him. If he’d found a way to skirt their attempt via Herod, I’d say getting some distance between himself and the Sanhedrin would be his top priority.

    And again… his was not a ‘natural death on the cross.’ Even if you believe the entire story as it’s preached, Jesus’ mortal blow was not the cross or the whips. It was the spear.

    Note that I, personally, am not convinced that a Jesus of Nazareth even existed. Certainly many of the things he supposedly said and did have been proved to predate his life, so we know the bible story is at least somewhat apocryphal/fictional. It’s a matter of how much, and that’s the part that’s worth pursuing I think. But I only deal in conventional Jesus-myth speculation when talking to people who believe them. Way too big an argument to start off with “I’m not sure your guy even existed”.

    How did any of this have anything to do with what were were speaking about? Was there a segway somewhere that I missed?

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