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The Heathen’s Guide to World Religions has sold thousands of copies in dozens of countries, been translated into Italian, French, and Spanish, and generated hundreds of fan letters from around the world.

Somehow this amounts to only three reviews on Amazon.

If you’ve read this book, please write a quick review on Amazon (or anywhere, really, but Amazon is important). Authors live or die by reader reviews, and I’ve been told that it looks bad for a book that’s been this successful to only have 3 reviews. So, for the thousands out there who liked i, here’s your chance: Please consider clicking below and posting your thoughts on The Heathen’s Guide for Amazon users to read.

Thanks, folks. Much appreciate. (If you got this link as a Tweet or on FB, please repost/retweet it for me)

Wm. Hopper,

author, The Heathen’s Guide series.

Here’s the Amazon link:


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