William Hopper was born a good Catholic. Groomed for the priesthood, William followed in this quest until he hit puberty, discovered women, and tossed the whole priesthood idea out the window. Thereafter he enjoyed the world’s shortest military career, "retired" early, and set out to discover the world.

Through the 1980’s, William Hopper traveled through North and Central America, earning a meager living as a stand up comic. Wherever these travels took him, he would consistently involve himself in the religions of the region he was in. To this day, he is still on the membership list of over a dozen faiths, including but not limited to Catholic, Mormon, Baha’I, Moonies and Baptist.

In 1990, after being tossed out of several rather small countries for what were obviously exaggerated claims, William Hopper returned home to Canada. There, he attended Queen’s University at Kingston and was accepted into into a BA Honors program majoring in World Religions. For the next four years he worked hard, studied diligently, and only occasionally infuriated his professors to the brink of physical violence.

William currently lives in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He has written extensively, publishing five books as well as writing for a variety of print media on the social and political impact of religions. He is also a news media source for information regarding world religions, their doctrines, tenets, and history.

Currently he has undertaken the task of writing the next two books in Heathen’s Guide series: The Heathen’s Guide to Cults, and The Heathen’s Guide to the End of the World.

"Christianity is a religion with a few good teachings and millions of bad teachers."

"My problems with Islam don’t start with Mohammed… they start with Adam."

"Let me get this straight… you want me to believe in people rising from the dead and walking on water and you think I need to check my facts!?!"

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